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Coface Sweden /Nordic Region Trade & Export Finance Conference 2016

Coface Sweden /Nordic Region Trade & Export Finance Conference 2016
 The Nordic Region Trade & Export Finance Coference is featured as the only event of its kind in the region. It provides networking opportunities for domestic, regional and international financial institutions as well as SMEs and MNCs.
  Corine Troncy, CEO Coface Sweden, has been invited to moderate the Trade Credit Panel.


Interview: Are we stuck in a credit risk management rut?


● The default position: Is there a feeling that opportunities offered by

private trade credit insurance are being missed in favour of ‘easier’

tried and tested methods of trade credit risk management?

●What role can trade credit insurance play in freeing capacity for

international business development? Which parts of a trade credit

portfolio are best suited to the products on offer? Which examples

can be provided from the corporate and banking sectors?

● Are advantages in the decision making efficiency capabilities of the

private market becoming more pronounced as KYC and compliance

procedures take a heavier toll?

● Is a change of mindset needed amongst the full spectrum of market

participants to take full advantage of trade credit insurance?


Over 400 of the trade finance community is expected to attend the 2016’s event which makes this an event you do not want to miss!
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